The foundation of our culture lies in our core values, the key to the growth and success of our organisation and employees as well as that of our customers. We believe that excellence begins with insight and with viewing challenges in a new way. Our professionalism, breadth and scale combined with a passion for challenges form a powerful combination that helps ALTRAD SERVICES Benelux to stay ahead of change while making an impact that matters: 'Excellence is in our DNA'.


We have the courage to innovate.

We do not stick to what we know and how we are accustomed to doing things but look for new ways to think about situations and to tackle them.


We are convinced that we can learn from everyone. Anytime, anyplace.

We make no pretence of having a claim on the truth but have a humble attitude. This is how we continue to learn from our mistakes and successes.


We know that we are responsible for the health and safety of ourselves, the people on our premises and the environment.

We therefore respect everyone with whom we work, regardless of their position.

We express that respect by always being transparent, honest and sincere.


Without solidarity, there is no teamwork or reliability. We therefore always share our ideas, opportunities, knowledge and sources with our partners.

We also stand up for each other and our sector. The focus is never on the individual, but always on the higher goal.


Every day, we try to contribute something to our working environment. Based on passion and open-mindedness, we demonstrate our commitment, are open to surprises and create unexpected cross-connections. This leads us to exceptional ideas and results.

'Our core values and the absolute focus on excellence have led to the growth and success of ALTRAD SERVICES Benelux employees and clients. When we do something, we want to be the best at it: Excellence is in our DNA.'

Jan De Swert

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