The numbers tell the tale

Thermography reveals the possibilities for energy and CO2 reduction. We also calculate the costs for improvements, including the payback time. This allows you to reduce your energy consumption and losses due to, for example, gas leaks. Our experienced Thermography technicians use the latest innovations in energy management. We identify the problem, determine the correct measurement method, collect the data and determine the research results. We thus work efficiently in partnership towards sound reporting that clearly states the results and actions.

Savings potential

Thermography is done via infrared cameras. This allows us to determine heat losses, record defects and detect gas leaks at an early stage, without having to shut down the system. Applications include, for example, the localization of corrosion under insulation, the determination of the systemic state of heat and cold insulation systems, monitoring of the condition of internal furnaces, boilers and reactors, and exhaust gas leak detection in steam boilers of power plants.

Gas leak detection

The detection of gas leaks is important for safety, environment and economy. We use a GF320 GasFindIR camera to measure this. With this camera, we can measure more than 100 leakage points per hour at a distance. The installation does not have to be taken out of operation during the measurement.

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