Thermal Insulation

Enormous energy-saving potential

Reducing energy consumption and energy efficiency are important measures to reduce emissions and dependence on fossil fuels. Insulation contributes directly to this. Aside from raw materials, energy is the largest cost element of most production processes. ALTRAD SERVICES Benelux sees thermal insulation as a valuable investment and a major contribution to energy conservation and process efficiency. Well-maintained insulation demonstrably contributes to a process with the lowest possible CO2 emissions, carbon footprint and operating costs.

An average factory has about:

  •  90 kilometres of insulated piping;
  • the equivalent of seven football pitches of insulated equipment;
  • 10-19% damaged/missing insulation;
  • many (non-insulated) heat processes that have no reuse of heat energy from the past.

Therefore, many energy-saving opportunities remain untapped. Quantifying this damaged or missing insulation and calculating the associated energy loss is a unique ALTRAD SERVICES Benelux service.

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