Sheeting in all conditions and sectors

ALTRAD SERVICES Benelux's sheeting is resistant to virtually all weather factors (up to wind force 5). This makes it possible to work under all circumstances. Sheeting not only creates a windproof workspace, it also protects the environment from harmful substances, for example.

Thanks to the placement of the shrink film, it is possible to minimize delays in the project. It works cost-effectively thanks to its high efficiency. In addition, our sheeting is widely applicable. For example, our shrink film is used in the industry, transport, shipping and aviation industries.

Scaffolding and sheeting as a total package

At ALTRAD SERVICES Benelux, we believe that the more disciplines we have in house, the better the quality of work. In addition, we can work faster and more efficiently. For example, a recalculation of a scaffold is required after the shrink foil has been applied, in order to check whether it still meets the safety standards.

We consider applying shrink wrap to scaffolding as a separate discipline with trained professionals. For this reason, every employee working in this field is trained for 3 weeks to make optimum use of the knowledge and expertise regarding shrink film.

Advantages of our shrink film

  • Exceptionally sturdy material
  • Quickly applied, quickly removed
  • Usable for extended periods of time
  • Shrink foil is recyclable
  • Available in flame-extinguishing versions
  • Cost savings


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