Guaranteed quality

ALTRAD SERVICES Benelux puts safety first when working with scaffolding. We always build safe scaffolding that meets all legal requirements. We do this through our fixed core and flexible disc of highly qualified scaffolding builders. All our scaffolding builders work according to clear procedures and instructions that guarantee high quality. Our experience shows that the structural approach to deployment of training and personal certification promotes quality, which is why we are strongly committed to such an approach.

The right equipment

We only use our own equipment for the installation of scaffolding. Scaffolding builders work at every ALTRAD SERVICES Benelux location. As a result, we are always close by, and we can respond quickly to your questions and work in a cost-saving manner. The stocks of scaffolding material are located in regional warehouses. The inspection and maintenance work is also done here. And thanks to an efficient management and planning programme, we are always able to quickly deploy large quantities of equipment to a project.

Partner in cost savings

Partnership is a core value for us. It goes without saying that we work cost-effectively and transparently. We can advise you at any time on the optimum quantity of scaffolding at a location. This saves stock and therefore rental costs. We also use a clear, transparent settlement method.

Always an alternative

Sometimes, scaffolding offers the best solution to make a location accessible. But if other solutions are more efficient or cheaper, we will not fail to recommend them. Our Access Solutions department always offers the safest, efficient and cost-saving approach to working at heights or other hard-to-reach places.

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