Rope Access

Expert in working safely at heights

ALTRAD SERVICES Benelux makes the most difficult places accessible. To achieve this, we combine three services: Rope Access, Mobile Platforms and Netting & Decking. For each project, we put together a team with the right disciplines, such as welders, coaters and painters. For Rope Access, we employ experts who can operate excellently in hard-to-reach places and are experts in their field. To ensure everyone's safety, we are a member of IRATA (the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) and employ IRATA-certified personnel.

Mobile Platforms

Mobile Platforms offer a safe, familiar and efficient alternative to traditional Scaffolding. We build these platforms from standard components that are suitable for different configurations. We use specialist software to calculate the load in advance, so that safety and stability are guaranteed. The result can be static (as well as hanging scaffolding) or mobile (via connection to a hoisting system).

Netting & Decking

Where necessary and possible, ALTRAD SERVICES Benelux uses Netting & Decking. With Netting, we create a walkable surface using tightly tensioned nets. Because the platform is modular, we can completely adapt it to the work to be done. Decking means that we make a floor at height using sturdy steel cables and platforms. We build these to measure, taking into account the environment and suspension structure.

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