Our strategy

We ensure the growth and success of our customers and employees

Our strategy helps us to ensure growth and success for our customers and employees through excellent and multidisciplinary industrial services and excellent employership: 'Excellence is in our DNA'.

We know the trends in the market and identify the challenges faced by our clients at an early stage. Our professionalism in industrial services and our high-quality safety culture lead to profitability, now and in the future!

ALTRAD SERVICES Benelux's vision is to be an innovative market leader in excellent and multidisciplinary industrial services. We achieve this by:

  • Accelerating growth and success through innovation for our customers and employees;
  • Sustainable and strategic chain collaboration with our customers and partners;
  • High-quality safety culture for our customers, partners and employees.

Our added value

Cost efficiency

We keep maintenance costs significantly lower by providing a multidisciplinary service throughout the entire life cycle of business installations and by creating high-quality solutions.

Optimal safety results

We ensure leading safety performance and protection of the environment while offering our multidisciplinary services. Always in a sustainable and demonstrable way.

Increased productivity

We increase the optimum performance of the operating installations through regular, preventive and strategic maintenance so that downtime and production losses remain minimal.

Focus on core activities

As a strategic partner, we help our customers by maintaining a proactive attitude, pre-planned activities and a strong focus on operational performance. This creates more focus for the customer on their own core activities.

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