Working thermal power plant is an exciting challenge for ALTRAD teams

Citrique Belge recently commissioned its brand-new thermal power plant. This makes the company self-sufficient in steam and electricity. For the insulation of the piping, tracing and rack construction, the citric acid manufacturer turned to ALTRAD SERVICES Benelux.

Multidisciplinary partner for rack construction, tracing and insulation
'With a team of 13 people, we worked for 3 months at Citrique Belge on the insulation of all pipes of the new CHP plant', says project leader Arne Van Pelt. 'We also did the electrical tracing and arranged the racks for all contractors on site.'

Safety priority at the CHP plant
'The challenges of the project were the complexity and safety. Because the installation went into the test phase during our project. Together with the customer, we examined the possible risks for each project. And every morning, there was a briefing with the team on planning and safety.'

Placing insulation under difficult conditions
'In addition, we had to be very creative with the design and installation of the insulation panels, because the CHP plant is extremely compact and therefore there was little room to manoeuvre. Thanks to the tight planning and good cooperation at the site, everything went smoothly. This is not the end of our project, because we will stay at Citrique Belge to do the maintenance work there.'

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