Food company Coroos (NL) highly satisfied with repair works

Coroos is a Dutch family business (° 1957) located in KAPELLE - BIEZELINGE (Zeeland). Its core activity is the preservation of fruit, vegetables and legumes. Their quality products find their way to consumers via European retail partners.

Tower 3 in Kapelle was recently damaged by the recent severe storms. Part of the cladding had come loose and had to be replaced.

Normally, this type of work could be carried out using, for example, an aerial work platform or a crane. However, due to the difficult location, this was either not possible or only with the help of large equipment and a permit for working in a crane bucket.

Altrad turned out to have the solution for COROOS. With the help of specially trained technicians, the damage to the tower has now been repaired! The rope access core team that carried out this special job is trained to climb or descend in industrial environments using ropes. With several climbers, the cladding was reapplied and the adjacent parts of the tower were inspected.

With thanks to Rico Baltus, Maintenance planner at Coroos, for the nice review.

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