Everyone is warming to thermography

Today, the industrial sector faces the challenge of rising energy prices and a society where ecology takes priority. Detecting and facing sustainability issues is therefore high on the agenda. Fortunately, ALTRAD SERVICES Benelux also provides thermography services that help clients achieve these goals!


Put briefly, thermography helps map heat loss. Using a thermographic camera, one obtains an image, a 'thermogram'.

Here the red/light shades represent heat and the blue/dark shades colder temperatures. So the camera does not even have to be in contact with the object whose temperature you want to measure.

Better for the environment as well as the wallet!

The advantage of industrial thermography is that we can map a site and see where installations are losing heat energy, without having to switch these installations off. We can make a thermogram for both electrical and gas installations.

For electrical installations, such as an electric sign, we can find 'hot spots' where, when heated, a fire risk may arise. For gas installations, we do thermography as a function of leak detection, allowing us to take measures quickly.

Efficiency can also be detected in insulation systems and boilers, allowing energy management to be optimised better than ever!

Of course, ALTRAD often carries out this work in combination with the renewal and installation of optimal insulation by our experts.

As of 2023, there will be changes in the area of insulation in the Netherlands and elsewhere. Check https://www.rvo.nl/onderwerpen/energiebesparingsplicht-2023/wat-de-energiebesparingsplicht-vanaf-2023

And for Belgium, more information can be found via this: https://economie.fgov.be/nl/themas/energie/energiebeleid/europese-context/energiebeleid-van-de-eu/energie-efficientie/belgie-en-de-richtlijn-inzake

But give us a call and we will give you appropriate advice!

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