ALTRAD SERVICES Benelux, our new trade name

ALTRAD SERVICES Benelux has been the new trade name of ALTRAD BALLIAUW MULTISERVICES NV, HERTEL BV and HERTEL SERVICES NV since 2018. This makes our visual identity as an innovative market leader in the Benelux for multidisciplinary industrial services uniform and even more recognisable. The successful integration of our organisations in the Netherlands and Belgium has made it possible to take this step. Check out the inspiring story of ALTRAD SERVICES Benelux integration here.

ALTRAD SERVICES Benelux is organised around multidisciplinary teams with an unprecedented range of expertise in the field of Access Solutions, Insulation, Painting, Asbestos Removal, Thermography and Electrical and Steam Tracing. We offer customised solutions for the specific needs of the customer. This approach has a high added value for our customers and is the result of the unique performance we have been able to demonstrate as a market leader in industrial services.

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