Corrosion under insulation

Avoid, check and inspect

ALTRAD SERVICES Benelux has developed methods to help customers identify locations where corrosion can occur under insulation. Examples include improved quality management processes to limit the ingress of moisture, use of products that remove process-related moisture ingresses from the system and inspection covers to enable routine inspections against moisture ingress in piping and equipment.

Identifying corrosion under insulation

The penetration and containment of moisture in the insulation system ensures corrosion under insulation. In practice, there are so many ways in which moisture can end up in an isolated system that it is almost impossible to prevent this.

Plant Integrity through thermography

Plant Integrity performs thermographic inspections with infrared cameras. An example of such an investigation is the localization of corrosion under insulation, in order to determine the technical condition of thermal and cold insulation systems without the need to shut down the plant. This prevents unwanted downtime and unnecessary investments in maintenance.

Quality Assurance

In order to offer the highest quality, ALTRAD SERVICES Benelux uses the latest technologies in special facilities. The use of laser cutting machines for making prefab parts (cladding components) is not only efficient (fewer man-hours), but also significantly contributes to minimizing waste, improving end product quality and reducing corrosion under insulation.

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