An industrial fire wreaking havoc on your production process is a disaster scenario for any business. Properly insulated penetrations between spaces are key instruments to ensure the fire resistance of your buildings and can be of inestimable value for the continuity of your business.

What happens exactly?

During a fire, plastic melts. Metal being conductive, it easily ignites other materials. Oxygen penetrates through even the smallest holes and fuels the fire. Voids around pipes and ducts running from one compartment of the building to another allow the fire to spread at lightning speed. Fire-resistant penetrations save lives and ensure the continuity of your production. For several years now, companies have been required by law to install fireproof penetrations.

Fire protection – even in the most difficult places

ALTRAD SERVICES Benelux installs the necessary fire-resistant materials to seal off your tubes, pipes, cable ducts and other penetrations. We use a total package of services to firestop your penetrations: insulation, tracing and painting, scaffolding erection and rope access for working safely at height. We firestop your penetrations even in places that are very hard to reach.

The right fire protection everywhere

Our digital logbook provides you with a complete overview of all your fire-resistant penetrations and contains the relevant information for each penetration. This makes maintenance easier for you, while providing you with the guarantees and service you need.

The inspection authorities, too, greatly appreciate the presence of such a logbook.

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