ALTRAD Rescue Team

If passion saves lives

Why a rescue team?

Work in the (petro)chemical industry and in confined spaces is not without danger. Clients are responsible for ensuring a safe working environment, but accidents and casualties occur annually.

More and more often, we receive requests to be present at such high-risk work sites in order to intervene in the event of an emergency and to evacuate the victim.

The Altrad Rescue Team!

Our stand-by rescue teams are specialised in reaching difficult locations and extracting a victim.

- They can and do enter confined spaces
- They can rescue people from heights or from depths
- Are prepared and already on site
- Expertise adapted to the situation
- Helping to make lasting improvements, right from the preparation phase

ALTRAD SERVICES Benelux has a long history in the petrochemical and food industries and knows the risks, hazards and challenges.
That's why we developed the Altrad Rescue Team (ART) standard, so that our team is as prepared as possible for the different scenarios at your site.

The value of our Altrad Rescue Team

As a fully trained rescue team, we are happy to think along with you about how to
the safety of all employees as efficiently as possible.

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